Restructuring: IBB was misunderstood – Chukwuani

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National Chairman of National Democratic Party, NDP, and associate of former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Prince Chudi Chukwuani, said the former Nigerian leader did not call for restructuring of the country contrary to belief in some quarters

Chukwuani, who himself, said he was opposed to the clamour, said Babangida, rather than call for restructuring, had only advocated a devolution of power to the state and local council areas.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the politician chastised the various regions pushing for restructuring, saying they were merely displaying interest to sit over resources at their disposals.

He contrary to some views that restructuring would quench the ongoing political tension in the country, it would rather aggravate the situation as according to him, the development would precipitate more power play among the political class with vest interest in State resources.

Hear him: “Restructuring contrary to belief that it would solve our problems, would rather add to The. I don’t believe in it. No it will not.

“I understand the reason why people are clamoring for restructuring, sure I am not one of them . The people clamoring for restructuring have different objectives, the reason for the South East pushing for restructuring is because it believe in restructuring in state creation, that each of the other geopolitical zones have six states and South East has five ,so they want a balance. That is what formed the agitation in the South East.

“The South South believes that the oil is dominant in the area and believes that all the oil revenues belong to them alone to the exclusion of other regions, that is the situation in the South South.

“The man in the south west believes that they have actually all the industries in the south and Lagos the commercial capital is in their area, so they believe they will be better off than others.

“On the other hand, the people in the North Central shouting restructuring believe that through restructuring, they will be able to avoid dominance by the far North, that is their reason so ,eventually they are seeking for identify.

“The person clamoring for restructuring from the North East believe that they have been dominated for a long time by the North west and they believe they can rely on their fertile land.

“They believe that through restructuring, they can achieve presidency. They believe that by restructuing, they will get support from the South and clinch the presidency.

“The people from the North West seeking restructuring believe that they can leverage on their population, religion base and land mass for its benefit, so none of these reasons are sustainable for the call for restructuring of the country.”

Reminded of the call by the former military dictator for immediate restructuring of the country, Chukwuani responded: “No, no, no. What Gen. IBB was canvassing for is transfer of responsibilities from the Federal to the States and local government and the federal government to maintain defense and economy .

“General Bbaginda was misunderstood, what he meant was devolution of power and thinkering with the constitution to accommodate states and council areas and not what they are saying. In fact IBB was totally misunderstood.”

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