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By Bruno u. Okeke

Following the invasion of cattle at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja and other places in the city centre, Abuja Municipal Area Council’s Chairman Alhaji Abdullahi Candido on Tuesday, in Abuja exonerated his government from the menace of cattle rearing in the Federal Capital Territory.

Candido who played a significant role as a Civil Society person before joining politics especially on the platform of Community Action for popular Participation, stated that cattle rearing in FCT is very alarming and an eye-sore to say the least.

“OF course the issue of Cattle rearing in the city is very alarming and not good for anybody’s eyes to see. But unfortunately, the Area Council that I preside has little to do with that, it is an agency of the Federal Government-Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) that is in charge of ensuring that the environment is safe.”

Candido who was responding to an interview on a radio program monitored by stated that:

“Ours is to compliment in their efforts and as far as I’m concern we are able to put in place what we called AMAC MARSHAL GUARD, and these Marshal Guard has been sent to their various wards to checkmate this excesses. In the city centre here we have over twenty to twenty five Marshal Guards who move around to make sure that this kind of thing is checkmated but essentially, the job is supposed to be that of the AEPB”

Reminded that over five hundred cows has been arrested with the owners and kept at the area ten sports complex “in an effort to prevent the cows from entering into the city centre.” According to an Aide to the Minister, Candido responded thus:

“I think one good thing the government has to do is to ensure that these elites that own these cows should send them to the bush, probably most of these cows don’t belong to the herders in the bush. They don’t have a place in the city.” He added.

He also assured residents that the Honourable Minister Mallam Musa Bello is up to the task and a committee has been set up to nip the problem in the bud. recalls that cattle invaded the University of Abuja recently and sacked the students which was as a result of clash between the herders and the locals. This brings to the front burner once again the argument, for and against, of the open grazing law.

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