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By Bruno U. Okeke

“Health is wealth.” That is a popular saying. But how many people take proper care of their health in Nigeria? Dr. Obioma Nwuba, the President and founder of Medik247 International LTD said that Nigerians has to change their orientation towards healthcare services as observed in developed countries.

Dr. Nwuba who is a world class Physician explains what prompted him to establish a Healthcare group. Speaking to this reporter, he narrated his motivation and the drive to re-orientate Nigerians to switch from curative to preventive medicine.

Hear him: “I was in New York, USA for a Hospital internship program. There I discovered that people visit the clinics and stay long hours just to get Doctors prescription for vaccines and for routine check up. In a 3 month period I worked there, only one patient died in an 11 floors hospital building block, his death was such a big deal that the hospital chapel was full with hospital staff and relations, weeping & praying for the dead man and his family.

“All these were very different from the healthcare system where I was trained, in Nigerian Tertiary healthcare centers, death of former patients is a very common occurrence due to the fact that people go for other alternatives when they are sick and eventually show up at the hospital when the various alternatives have failed. By this time the health challenge has become complicated”.

Asked about the way forward, he said, “I have just described 2 different healthcare systems; the first is Preventive Medicine practiced in Developed Countries, the second is Curative Medicine practiced in Developing countries like Nigeria. After the above observations and experiences, I decided to champion the introduction and establishment of Preventive Medicine in Nigeria and extend to other Developing countries,” he said.

According to him, The primary objective of Medik247 International Ltd. is to establish Preventive Medicine in Developing countries, starting with Nigeria. They have devised a 3 – pronged strategy to achieve this;
1) To Increase health consciousness by massive health enlightenment using the social media, other media and awareness campaigns
2) To Promote available essential vaccines such as Typhoid vaccine & Human Papilloma Virus vaccine
3) Introducing health monitoring through quality healthcare home services.

They have so far met with a very encouraging response from the general public. “We have started massive health enlightenment on social media, presently we have 7 WhatsApp groups and close to 5,000 members on Facebook. We have also successfully launched a Nationwide Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign in Abuja in partnership with Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC.last April which was followed by the FREE CERVICAL CANCER SCREENING OF 100 women in Abuja too.

“Both events where well covered by the media. We are presently searching for partnerships that will enable us do same in other geo-political zones.” Nwuba concluded.

They have also launched quality healthcare home services in Abuja and intend to do same in all major cities in the country soon. They have also launched an online health and fitness support group to encourage people to live healthy lifestyles, thereby preventing diseases. This health and fitness program has led us to introducing a weekly free fitness work out session at a popular recreational park in Abuja. “We plan doing same in all major cities in the country. Our major challenge is finance, getting sponsorship or partnership for our free health events and awareness campaigns, accessing funds for Nationwide expansion of our activities because we make all our services very affordable to encourage people in need to make use of them.” He added.


He is calling on all well meaning Nigerians, NGOs, Ministries, Department and Agencies to support a laudable project like this.


He is also encouraging people to imbibe healthy lifestyles to live long enough and achieve their dreams.
You  can reach Medik247 International through: or
08037428597, 07045163401
Medik247 Facebook & whatsApp @medik247 Twitter & instagram

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