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By Bruno U. Okeke

Alhaji Abdullahi Candido stated this on his response to Gov. Ayo Fayose’s claim that he possess 11 pictures depicting the state of health of President Mohammadu Buhari.

Alhaji Candido who is the Chairman of Abuja Area Municipal Council (AMAC), reminded Gov. Fayose that as human, nobody knows when to fall sick and nobody applies to be sick.

“For whatever it is, nobody is above sickness and nobody applies to be sick, and the President of this country is not above been sick when he is supposed to be sick, therefore as a true citizen of this country, and a a person holding an exalted office like Gov. Fayose, he needed to be constructive enough in his criticism.

“What I find wrong is for you to come out to say that the President is in a Life Support, he needed to show the evidence. Of course he doesn’t have any. Sincerely.

“What I see in this man is unnecessary radicalism”

When asked whether he has evidence that the President is not in Life Support, Alhaji Candido blurted:

“Of course. Nigerians should even begin to heave a sigh of relief because his wife who is the closest person to him have visited this man and have come out to say that her husband is okay, he is recuperating and will come back very soon and I believe her”

He also added that he agrees with the position of Nigerians who are clamouring to see the audio/visual of Mr. President but still maintains that Gov. Ayo Fayose does not have the capacity to speak for Mr. President as it is.

“We have all the men that are mandated to speak for Mr. President and they’ve all come out to say ‘well his wife has gone to visit him and they believe in what she is saying’ and I think Nigerians should believe that too.

“This man Fayose, I think he enjoys publicity, responding to him sometimes is like making him to be too important. For me I think it’s time we told this man that enough is enough.

Reminded that even the Acting President has gone to see him and assured Nigerians that Mr. President is recuperating well but Gov. Ayo Fayose said that he (Acting President) was not telling the truth, Alhaji Candido exploded:

“I think this man, Fayose need to be taken to a Psychiatrist Hospital, let us examine this man in a proper manner. Is he really well? I agree he has a right for free speech but he should exercise it in a modest form. Between Fayose and the Acting President, who is in a better position to say that Mr. President is well or not?” Candido queried.

“This is Mr. President we are talking about, the authority over the affairs of this Country, of course he has to respect his office, he has to respect his age and of course like i said, you can never apply to be sick. He too can be sick.” He concluded.

He also agrees that most Nigerians clamour for Mr. President’s audio/visual speech out of care but that of Fayose is not out of care.

“There is hate in it. That is the truth of the matter, there is hate in it, in fact this is no longer criticism of the government or state of affairs, and this is personal.

“I think his state house of Assembly should examine him”

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