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Consequent upon the attacks suffers by the Personnel of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), The Corp Marshal Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi  said that his officers will soon carry arms.

He said: “Of recent, the personnel of the Corp are the most exposed to dangers.  The Act that sets up the Corps empowers the Corps to bear arms, and we are following the process, at the appropriate time we will get the final clearance.

“The personnels were trained few years ago, we are following all the known processes that it takes for the Corps to bear arms, at the appropriate time we will get final clearance from the government.”

The Corp Marshal was responding to an interview on a Radio Program in Abuja on the stand of FRSC in the spate of attacks directed to Corp Personnel. Especially the case in Abia State where Police officers attached to the wife of the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly attacked Corp Personnel who are doing their constitutionally recognized duty.

Asked to comment on the case the Corp Marshal has this to say:

“In Abia case, I don’t want to exchange words with the Speaker; the Speaker was just economical with the truth. That was an act of lawlessness and I stand by this.

“The wife of the Speaker violated the traffic regulation by not using her seat belt, she was not the one driving. She was flagged down. It’s a matter of simple courtesy, the driver refused to stop, that was an act of lawlessness in the first instance.

“The next thing they reverse and one of the aides came down, slapped and maltreated a Corp Personnel. The next thing she called her husband (The Speaker) that she was been molested and traumatized. The Speaker came with Policemen and declared that the Corps Personnel should be thought lessons. Close range open of fire against the officers and Marshals. It’s very unfortunate of the Speaker to address a Press Conference that he was not there.

“The Speaker himself dragged the Team Leader, ordered the battery of the patrol car to be removed; he then took that officer to the Police Station to be detained until I called the Commissioner of Police who waded into the matter and appropriate things were done.

“When these things were happening, the Speaker sent for the Sector Commander to come and see him and I asked him not to go. It is barbaric, unexpected, uncalled for, in 21st Century, for a lawmaker to descend to this level and maltreated a Personnel of the Federal Republic, a security agency, just because they were not armed.

“It is not correct and we should say the truth, the Speaker should stop all this ranting and let us face the real thing, a simple apology for this and these overzealous acts must stop and I must commend the Inspector General of Police for prompt action and the CP Abia. The Police took care of the Personnel, they paid the medical bills. They’ve tried the Policemen involved, they’ve done their own and that is the normal thing to do.”

He also has few words for the wife of the Speaker of Abia House of Assembly.

“I’ve directed that wife be given citation. I will prosecute the wife of the Speaker for traffic offence. It’s simple.

“At Speaker’s level, I’ve forwarded a report to His Excellency the Governor of Abia State, he must follow the processes.”

When asked of the rationale of prosecuting the wife of the Speaker who was not on the wheel the Corps Marshal has this to say

“Violation of seat belt, she was not wearing the seat belt. It’s an offence. I am going to prosecute her; it’s as simple as that. The matter is not closed.

“You see, we’ve lost so many lives. I don’t want to be talking about the VIPs we lost because of this issue of seat belt, seat belt is designed to protect you in case of a crash, the car somersaulting or you lost control, it will strap you to the seat with minimal injury.

“It’s time we stopped this ‘bigmanism’. When you travel abroad you see these same people obeying traffic rules. It’s even wrong for a convoy to violate traffic rules. The awareness is coming up soon. But I assure you no personnel of the Corps will pursue a convoy, they will only take the details and we’ll report to our supervisor the Secretary to the Government of the Federation who will take appropriate action in respect to that, and that made me to[i]set up the Cobra Squad in my office for this special enforcement .

“I think we are getting results gradually but there are still lots of works to do in the area of enlightenment and advocacy.

“We are working but the ‘bigmanism’ is killing us in this country and why we are being attacked recently is because I’ve raised the level of Patrol operation, so we are bound to stiff resistance we are facing and I’ve told the boys not to relent. We are on course.” He concluded

26/07/2017 – By Bruno Uche Okeke


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