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When Dr. Obioma Nwuba and his crew at Medik247 International LTD (A healthcare-based NGO) started the campaign for regular cervical screening in Abuja, not so many people appreciate the enormity of the disease. They even went as far as conducting a nationwide free cervical cancer screening which is still on-going. But a lot of grounds are yet to be covered in the awareness campaign.

Recently, Enugu State Director of Public Health Dr. Okechukwu Ossai has come out to campaign for cervical cancer screening. He urged women to go for cervical screening on a regular basis to prevent the disease at early stage.

He said it was important for women to go for cervical cancer screening always, reminding them that its symptoms tended to appear only after it had reached an advanced stage.

The director further explained that the symptoms of the disease include irregular, inter-menstrual cycle and abnormal vaginal, adding that bleeding might occur after several inter-course.

Others, he also said, include fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite, vaginal discomfort or odorous discharge.

Now, how do we reach out to unreachable? How can the campaign be sustained?

In this time of economic recession, many a Nigerian could hardly afford to eat regularly not to talk of one to afford proper healthcare services.

This brings us to the call for the sustainability of this great project of Medik247 International LTD.

Having successfully launched a nationwide Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign in Abuja in partnership with Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) last April, which was followed by the FREE CERVICAL CANCER SCREENING of more than 100 women in Abuja.

They are presently calling for help from well meaning Nigerians, NGOs, Ministries, Departments and Agencies and even religious bodies to come and sponsor or partner with them to enable them do same in other geo-political zones.

They have also launched quality healthcare home services in Abuja with intension to replicate this in other major cities in the country soon, so as to deliver healthcare services to door steps of Nigerians.

Recall that focusonabuja.info reported recently that Medik247 International has also launched an online health and fitness support group to encourage people live healthy lifestyles, thereby preventing diseases.

This health and fitness support program has led Medik247 International to introduce a weekly free fitness work-out session at a popular Recreation Park in Abuja, which will soon extend to other major cities in due course.

By Bruno U. Okeke

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