Abuja community decries activities of hemp smokers, armed robbers

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Residents of Tudunwada, a slum community behind Lugbe Federal Housing Authority located at the airport road, Abuja are firmly under the grip of anti-social behaviour of Indian hemp smokers.

The community has become a haven for sales of ‘Igbo’, a substance that is highly prohibited by the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agents (NDLEA), an agency of the Federal government of Nigeria charged with the responsibility of control of narcotic drugs.

Because of the slum nature of Tudunwada, Indian hemp are openly sold at all times of the day.

Curiously, the category of those with high number of patronage are young people between the ages of 16 upwards.

Investigations by the DAILY POST correspondent showed that the prohibited substances are mostly sold by bar operators, Wine shop proprietors, brothel owners and some private persons who are also conosaurs of the substance.

In Tudunwada today and around Lugbe Federal Housing Authority, cases of burglaries have been on the rise.

Although attempt to speak with Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of the Federal Housing Authority proved abortive as at last Wednesday, an officer who was dressed in mufti while speaking with our correspondent under anonymity confirmed that cases of burglaries have been on the rise.

“Yes, I think, cases of burglaries and all forms of crimes have been on the increase, but I think it is due to economic hardship,” a Police officer told our correspondent.

The agony of robberies was becoming unbearable as they occur almost everyday in Tudunwada. Specifically last week at Anguwan Tiv, along Powerline area, robbery operations from house to house took place at nights.

A victim who spoke under anonymity revealed that last week’s robbery operation lasted for two hours, and the distress call to the Police failed, claiming that they did not have fuel in their car.

“We discovered that those bad boys were operating from house to house and when they were three compounds away from us, we called the FHA police, they told us, there was no fuel”, he explained.

Meanwhile, smokers of Indian hemp who are mostly young men could be seen in their numbers behind Tudunwada, at an undeveloped plots with football fields, bushes and farms between the hours of 6 to 7am daily.

They were also involved in stealing of crops on people’s farms mostly at nights.

Speaking with a young man in his early thirties believing to be an Okada rider and a Hausa man who held a wrap at Anguwan Tiv, Saturday afternoon, and asking him, if he was afraid of arrest by National Drugs Law Enforcement Agents

He said: “No, we no know the people you de talk, the people we know be Police. Some police people sef de smoke with us,” he told our correspondent.


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